Making pharmacy care a source of dependable aid in your own community
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When it comes to elevating your daily healthcare experience, Anclote Pharmacy always delivers. Our pharmacy in Tarpon Springs, Florida is dedicated to making healthcare management easier for all members of the community-from the young to the old of all backgrounds.

We understand the struggles of finding the right medication and pharmacy provider to meet your health requirements. Fortunately, our warm and friendly pharmacy staff matches your concern with medically sound advice and expertise.

Our pharmacy offers the latest technology in coordinating prescriptions, tracking refill schedules, scheduling deliveries and appointments, as well as modifying medication for both human and animal needs. Count on us to provide the care you right in the comfort of your community. Visit us now!

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Keith Cotner

My name is Keith Cotner I have been working in world of Pharmacy since 1996. I have experience in all phases of Pharmacy over my years. I am a family man, a father of one fun loving boy. Anyone who already knows me knows my love of sports and keeping up with the crazy world of politics. The reason I love practicing Pharmacy is to see people improve their health to help people feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Our Mission

To make Pharmacy become what it’s meant to be, to be their to provide the best quality of healthcare your family deserves. To make individuals feel less like a customer and more like part of a community or family member of the Pharmacy. To have employees that are there to go that extra mile for you and your family.

Our Vision

To provide the not only the best Pharmacy experience for your family but, to become the Pharmacy you feel comfortable and confident to refer your friends and family to.

Talk to us! We will gladly address your questions or concerns. Dial 727-944-5800 now.